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gister is a command line tool for managing GitHub gists.

Based on gist.rb by @defunkt, this tool helps you to manage a local copy of your gists.

After publishing files to, this tool will:

You can also use gister to sync your gists between and your machine.


For Linux, BSD, etc, you also need xclip or xsel. For Cygwin, you need putclip/getclip provided by cygutils-extra. (Mas OS X users should be fine with the preinstalled pbcopy/pbpaste.)

Mac OS X users also need GNU versions of sed and date, a.k.a gsed and gdate.

Note: xsel users should use gist.rb v4.1.2+, since there is a bug bitting xsel users in previous versions.


fetch the source

git clone
cd gister
sudo rake install

If you want to install gister to a place other than /usr, you can use sudo rake install[prefix] instead, e.g. sudo rake install[/usr/local].

Arch users can install via AUR, thanks to weiLiangcan.



For the first time, you need to run gister init to associate your GitHub account and configure the directory to store local copies of your gists.

After that, you may run gister sync to fetch all your gists to local.

Warn: sync can only fetch up to 10 million gists for you. If you have more than 10 million gists, you need to modify the source of gister yourself.


Whenever you want to publish a gist, just use

gister description file.txt ...

This will create the gist with the provided description, clone the gist repo, put the gistid to clipborad, and open the url in your x-www-browser.

Note: you must provide gist description, otherwise gister will fail.

Hint: gister will pass all arguments to gist as gist -c -o -d description ..., so you can use other options that gist understands, e.g. gister descrption -P will work.

If you've edited your gists at or local machine, without pull/push changesets, you can sync all your gists via gister sync.

If you've deleted your gists at, after gister sync, the directories of deleted gists at your local machine will be marked with a prefix _.


Search all of your gists:

gister search regexp


From version 1.0.0, gister uses a different storage structure. If you have used gister <1.0.0, then you need to run this command to migrate:

gister migrate


|-- gists.list  # a list of all your gists (including meta info) 
|-- repo # git repositories of your gists
|-- tree # working directory of your gist repositories
    |-- 123456 # an example of gist
    |-- _123567890 # an example of gist which you have deleted on
    |-- ...
`-- .csearchindex # code search index


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